ّEmotional Blindness

Alexithymia infers a glitch in the process that allows the outflow of emotions in words that catch the body’s inclusion in these sentiments.

Alexithymia has two dimensions– a psychological measurement, where a youngster or grown-up battles to distinguish, the “reasoning” portion of their enthusiastic experience. Also, a full of feeling measurement, where troubles emerge in responding, communicating and envisioning the “encountering” portion of their passionate experience.

Just because one is good with words still does not mean he can describe what he feels. He may be able to elaborate the scenario around him in a beautiful manner but not necessary he expresses his feelings across the same way. He may run out of words while trying to convey his inner thoughts. Having no words for emotions is the dark hole Alexithymia is all about.

4 faculty members of Government College University Faisalabad, Pakistan did research on` Anxiety, Alexithymia, and Interpersonal Communication Styles among Pakistani University Teachers` which was published on 21st January 2016.

Discoveries of this research uncover that male college instructors have relatively higher side effects of alexithymia than the female college educators. This study has consistent results with the earlier studies that reported a significant difference of Alexithymia among men and women. Current study concluded that men experience high level of Alexithymia as compared to women.

The fundamental component of Alexithymia is a passionate ignorance, absence of social connection, and poor relational relating. Moreover, those anguish from Alexithymia experience issues perceiving and understanding the feelings of others.

Alexithymia is curable. Journaling, reading, painting, group therapy, and counseling help one express themselves.

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