About Us

Pakistan Alerts (PA) is the most trusted source of reliable information and latest news on the Web in Pakistan. We strive to provide the utmost quality and top-notch journalistic integrity that our readers demand. The in-depth coverage now includes a variety of topics not only on the urban side but also on the rural areas, be it in Balochistan, Sindh, Punjab or KPK. We also focus on world issues and updates on events happening in the region and around the world.

While we have reporters on ground in Pakistan to provide exclusive stories, we have partnered with several news agencies including AFP, PPI, IANS to name few, shifting our focus from local coverage now to both local and international enabling us to cater to a vast majority under the Pakistan Times brand.


Join our team:

Pakistan Times is probably the best place to work if you are a passionate journalist and/or love writing interesting and exciting stuff, be its politics, sports or lifestyle. We are always looking for fresh talent with excellent skills in writing and editing.

We are growing fast, see the careers page for new job vacancies.


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