Ali Noor launches new video blog

Pakistani band Noori has always captivated the audiences with their versatile sound which goes from grunge rock to croon worthy all in one song. The band skyrocketed to fame with the release of their hit single Manwa Re and soon gained a cult following. While other people came and left , what remained consistent in the band was Ali Noor.
Ali Noor decided to kick off his 40th birthday by hosting a video log to document his life from this point onward. Called “Ali Noor stripped down” , the vlog is supposed to give fans a look into Ali Noor’s life. In his first video , the rock sensation says this to his followers.
“This year I am turning 40 and I have decided to change a few things. I want to find a purpose in my life, I want to find a bigger reason to live, I want my life to be with you people so that we can start a journey together. To do things together, to explore things together, to find pleasures together, to find happiness together. This is my journey to find my real self.”
The rockstar also shaved off his iconic beard and hair in the video live in front of the camera. The beard and long hair has always been part of Noor’s look throughout the ages and it was fascinating to see how he parted with them in order to move forward in his life. 

Ace stylist Saima Rashid Bargfrede chopped off his hair while Bobby Salon styled his new hairdo. He also shows the hilarious reaction of his family and friends to his new look.

In another one of his videos , he gives his hilarious take on Pakistan’s historic win against India.

Ali Noor’s vlog is lighthearted , humorous and sarcastic. It keeps you gripped from the start to finish and we can’t wait to see what is next in this sultry star’s journey of self discovery.

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