Another heat wave hits coastal area 

While Karachi is experiencing moderately good weather now a days , their joy is going to be short lived as the heat is all set to return soon.

The temperatures in coastal areas are expected to rise up to 41 C.
Another heat wave hits coastal area 

As according to Pakistan Meteorological Department, it is to be observed that a deep depression is forming up over Bay of Bengal which is likely to intensify into a tropical storm or possibly a CAT-1 cyclone in next 24 – 48 hours.

The storm is likely to move towards central Indian region and will dissipate over land, however, this may cut off sea breeze again for the coastal belt of Pakistan increasing temperature from October 18 to 22.

According to a PMD Spokesperson , the impending storm is only going to increase the temperature in Pakistan and not have any other side effects.

It is advised to the citizens to avoid direct sunlight and refrain from going out unnecessarily.

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