Facebook VP visits Pakistan to discuss issue of blasphemous content

Facebook’s Vice President visited Pakistan to meet Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Friday to discuss the issue of removal of blasphemous content on Facebook. The senior member of the Facebook team who deals with public policy was there after Pakistan raised it’s objections over Facebook’s refusal to delete blasphemous content.
During the meeting, Kaplan assured Nisar that Facebook would fully cooperate in this issue and was trying its best to remove questionable and blasphemous content.
“We are committed to removing fake accounts and hate content from Facebook,” said Kaplan.
Kaplan was also invited by Nisar to open a Facebook Headquarter in the country.
He also assured Kaplan that Pakistan’s belief in freedom of speech did not mean that the government would sit idly by while religious sentiments of people are being hurt.
“The Interior Ministry is playing a positive role in ensuring proper usage of social media,” he said. “Blasphemous content is hurting the sentiments of the whole Muslim community,” he added.
Nisar told Kaplan of how the entire Muslim Ummah was “greatly disturbed” by the content being shared on social media.“Nothing is more sacred to us than our religion and our holy personalities,” he said.
Nisar said: “We appreciate the understanding shown by the Facebook administration and the cooperation being extended to us on these issues.”
Kaplan also briefed Nisar on Facebook’s digital literacy campaign iChamp which aims to educate youth in Pakistan on the benefits and safe usage of internet.
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