Project Ghazi’s release date gets pushed due to technical issues

Pakistan’s first superhero movie Project Ghazi was all set to release on July 14th when its release date was pushed further due to the incidents which arose at it’s premiere.

The premiere of the film attracted many from Pakistan’s film industry but they all had to leave disappointed due to the technical issues in the movie. The technical issues were so bad that even the stars of the movie themselves walked out in middle of the premiere held at Nueplex cinema. This is what actor Humayun Saeed had to say about the movie, ” I have worked in the film so I knew the dialogues but even I couldn’t understand anything. Project Ghazi relies heavily on dialogues to explain the storyline and if it’s inexplicable, there is no point. The film cannot be judged right now.” Humayun Saeed also commented that he had constantly been telling the producers to delay the release of the movie. According to him, the movie still needs four to six months before it can be released to the public.  Pakistan Film Exhibitors Association Chairman Zoraiz Lashari had this to say about pushing the release date “If all screenings will be delayed how the cinema industry will survive,” he said.
“Cinema houses are bearing the loss. To release two films (both Pakistani) on Eid can’t fulfill the demand of cinema industry. The producers and directors should think about this issue.”
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