Rishta Aunty takes over Careem .

We’ve all been targeted by the Rishta Aunty atleast once in our lives but for those who haven’t experienced this delight first hand , all you need is a ride in Careem and Voila’ consider yourself hitched .
Careem recently created an uproar with its Rishta Aunty campaign . The app which is a transportation savior now offers matchmaking and people had mixed responses towards this bizarre idea . While some found it amusing , others labelled it as ‘borderline creepy’ Brands like Uber , Joy Cab , Travly Blue Ex seized this opportunity by starting a brand war in retaliation and creating hilarious campaigns .
The idea is to share your ride with a matchmaker better known as a Rishta Aunty who keeps record of eligible men and women – from education level and salary, to height, weight and even skin tone – and will set you up with your future partner , for a fee. During the ride , Rishta Aunty will inquire you about your preferences and personal information and will later on get in touch with you with a suitable rishta .
The service was only limited from 19th to 20th July between 12pm-10pm and in order to avail it , you had to select Rishta Aunty as the car type .
Whether the campaign tanked or not is another story but it got people talking and gave Careem a competitive edge which was their objective .

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