Robot Waitresses ? Yes please.

You read that headline correctly, A small resturaunt in Multan is serving its customers pizza at the hands of their own Robot! Usama Aziz is a graduate of one of the top engineering universities of the country , NUST ( National University of Science and Technology), with a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering. This comes as little surprise anymore that it was a graduate of NUST.

NUST with its high admission standards and innovative programs is no stranger to innovation. With its help Speak out for engineering came to Pakistan in July last year. A Multi platform engineer idea competition , Speal out for Engineering looks to help budding engineers develop ideas to change the world, much faster , much better. NUST allowed students from any university to participate in the endeavor. The qualifying batch was short listed to NUST Islamabad Campus before being taken to Malaysia for finals.

Now back to Usama, the 23 year old graduate employed the Robot, now named “Amy” at his fathers Pizza parlor named “”. Now with a team of “Amy’s” Usama has become the talk of the town. Usama claims to have found  the inspiration for Amy from Chinese resturaunts who emply robots to serve customers. Many customers just want a selfie with the new sensations while Usama just wants to improve his robotics skills!  While Amy is delightfully waiting for more male robots to be on her team, It’s quite clear that Multan is hungry for more!

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