MQM and PSP clash injures three others

Three people suffered from injuries when workers from MQM and PSP clashed. Both parties were having rallies when they converged in Shah Faisal Colony.

According to the police, both the parties held rallies to celebrate Independence Day and came face to face near Shah Faisal Colony No 2 Roundabout.

Workers of both rallies chanted slogans against each other which created a hostile atmosphere. The party workers then had a scuffle with each other which alerted the police . The police was already on alert to provide any problems .

Sami Shahzad, a resident of the locality, said that he saw workers attacking each other – punching, kicking and beating each other with the sticks of flags that they were holding. “As the crescendo of the slogans increased, some of the workers started fighting.”

Shahzad also proclaimed that it was not the first time that an incident of such kind has happened in that particular area.

“Due to the presence of almost all MQM offshoots – MQM-Pakistan, MQM-London, Muhajir Qaumi Movement – Haqiqi and PSP – the area is prone to clashes, since each of them consider the other a traitor.”

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