Peaceful 9th Muharram processions across the country

Pakistan saw the 9th of Muharram pass by peacefully. A major procession was held at the Hussainian-Iranian Imambargah in Karachi. The event was held with strict security measures. The measures included a ban on pillion riding and the suspension of mobile and internet services.

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A majlis was held at Nishtar Park from where the main mourning procession emerged and proceeded through MA Jinnah Road, Mehfil-e-Shah Khurasan, Saddar, Preedy Street and Baba-e-Urdu Road.
A large number of men, women and children participated in the main procession.

Peshawar saw a major procession being initiated from the imambargah in Saddar bazaar around 10am , which progressed through designated routes and later ended at the same Imambargah.

In Lahore, major procession emerged from Islampura under stringent security, provided by the personnel of police, elite force and Rangers.

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