PML-N gets back Nawaz Sharif as it’s president

Nawaz Sharif who was previously disqualified as the PM of Pakistan for lying about his salary on his election papers has now been re-elected as the president of the ruling party PML-N.

Nawaz was the only one to stand up for this position and thus he was elected as the leader without any opposition.

PML-N gets back Nawaz Sharif as it’s president

This development came on the heels of a controversial bill that was signed by Mamnoon Hussain. According to that bill , a disqualified premier can still hold the position of party chief. This bill was called the The Election Bill 2017 and was approved by the senate before being signed into the law.

A controversial clause in the bill allows disqualified politicians to hold a public office or to lead a political party. Section 203 of the Electoral Reforms Bill 2017 allows every citizen, except for government servants, to form a political party or become its office-bearer.

The bill was met by intense criticism from the opposition who tore up pieces of the bill.

Opposition lawmakers, especially those from Imran Khan’s PTI, chanted slogans against Sharif and his family. They gathered around the podium of Speaker Ayaz Sadiq where they shouted slogans for some time.

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