PM Abbasi talks about Pak-US ties

Pakistani PM Shahid Abbasi recently talked about how Pakistan is no longer dependent on the US to meet it’s military requirements amongst other things.

“If one source dries up, we have no option but to go to another source. It may cost more, it may consume more resources, but we have to fight that war, and that’s what we emphasised to all the people that we met,” PM Abbasi said in a dialogue with an Arab newspaper. This was PM Abbasi’s first interviews after returning from the UN General Assembly in New York.

PM Abbasi talks about Pak-US ties

The UNGA saw the PM talking about Pakistan and it’s commitment to maintaining peace and security in the region. He also talked about Pakistan’s peaceful position on the issue of Kashmir and Pakistan’s economic and technological developments.

“Any sanctions or restraints… put on our systems only degrades our efforts to fight terror, and it affects the whole equation in this region,”

“We have major US weapons systems in our military, but we’ve also diversified. We have Chinese and European systems. Recently, for the first time we inducted Russian attack helicopters.”

The relationship between Pakistan and USA has recently experienced some bitterness after Trump unveiled his new plans for Afghanistan which asks India to play a greater role but lambasts Pakistan for not doing much.

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