Qandeel Baloch’s murder case investigation Officer dismissed.

Known as Pakistan’s Kim Kardashian, Qandeel Baloch was making her way into fame when she was
brutally murdered by her own brother in the name of ‘honor’. Her murder shed light over the increasing
rate of honor killings in Pakistan and sparked rage in women all over the world.

Qandeel Baloch’s murder case investigation Officer dismissed.
This shameful incident took place fifteen months ago and we’re still trying to proceed further into the
case. Part of the blame for these slow proceedings goes to the investigation officer, Noor Akbar who
failed to submit the final challan despite several warnings from the court.
Noor Akbar who also happens to be the Sub-Inspector of Muzaffarabad police station was dismissed by
CPO Chaudhry Muhammad Saleem. According to reports, he was supposed to submit the final challan
months ago but he kept delaying the process by asking for more time to investigate the case. Orders for
forfeiture of his salary had also been issued. And later on, after multiple chances, Noor Akbar was let go.
This really makes you think, if a high profile case takes this long to get to a verdict, what happens to
cases that aren’t constantly in the spotlight? Such cases, if handled properly can pave the way for a lot
of positive change.

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