State-run colleges In KP suffer loss due to Teachers strike

Once again caught in the crossfire of teachers and government are students, who suffered loss of
multiple classes due to the teachers strike in KP.
The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Professors and Lecturers Association, has announced to boycott classes until
their demands aren’t met. These demands include professional allowance, up-graduation and rejection
of the board of governors system. Until then they have refused to teach classes resulting in major loss
for students. Moreover they have no plans of resuming their jobs until and unless a written agreement
where the government agrees to meet all their demands is issued.

State-run colleges In KP suffer loss due to Teachers strike.
These issues originally had to be resolved in 2017 budget but since the government failed to do so, it
resulted in protests and strikes from teachers.
The most affected ones are those students who are seen loitering in and around public colleges, paying
the price of someone else’s mistakes. Denying students the right to education for your own personal
grudges really sets back all the progress we’ve made lately in terms of education.
The impact of such strikes and protests is most seen on the weakest link which in this case are the
students of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Hopefully this issue will get resolved soon so students can resume
their education and do something for their nation.

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