Paradise Papers expose influential Pakistanis

Just when you thought that you had seen the last of the Panama papers , the ICIJ has released yet another list that exposes people who have invested their money in offshore tax havens.

This list has many influential people in it from celebrities to politicians. Many governments and regimes are going to be impacted by this list. This list has names of celebrities like Amitabh Bachan , Madonna , Nicole Kidman , Manyatta Dutt and Bono. There are also many cabinet members or Justin Trudeau’s cabinet in the list. Also on the list is the US secretary of state Rex Tillerson.
However the most surprising name on the list remains that of Queen Elizabeth the second.

Paradise Papers expose influential Pakistanis

There are also some notable Pakistanis on the list like our former PM Shaukat Aziz who is revealed to be the owner of two offshore trusts.
Other Pakistanis on the list include Mian Mansha the CEO of Nishat Group , NICL chairman Ayaz Khan Niazi , CEO of Hashoo group Sadruddin Hashwani amongst others.

The leak contains 13.4 million documents and have been obtained from two companies out of which one is in Singapore and the other is in Bermuda.

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