Employer sexually assaults nine year old in Bahawalpur

A nine-year-old boy was raped by his own employer in Bahawalpur. The man being accused of this crime was caught trying to flee the city. The complaint against the man was registered by the father of the victim who said that his son was raped by the accused Shakir , when his son was working at the barber shop owned by Shakir.
The victim was locked in a room and molested multiple times by Shakir. The vcitim was also beaten and given death threats. After the victim refused to go back to work , the father found out about the boy’s ordeal.

. When the victim’s father went to Shakir to confront him with witnesses, he allegedly admitted to his wrongdoing, but also threatened the father with severe consequences if he informed the police.
The cops were told by an informant that Shakir was fleeing, after which check post in charge Malik Akram conducted a raid along and arrested the criminal.

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