Mahershala Ali’s historic Oscar stirs up an old debate in Pakistan.

The latest edition of the Oscars are going to be remembered for years for the mix up with the best picture award but that was not the only iconic moment of the evening .

Mahershala Ali gave an incredible performance as a drug dealer in the movie ‘Moonlight’ and bagged an Oscar for his tremendous performance . He was touted as making history after being the first Muslim actor to bag this honour . 

Muslims were quick to jump in on the congratulatory bandwagon after the win . 

Pakistan’s representative to the United Nations ‘Maleha Lodhi’ also tweeted congratulations to the actor and was immediately flooded with responses stating that the actor was in fact Ahmedi. She later on deleted the tweet owing to the fact that Pakistan’s constitution declares Ahmedis as Non Muslims . 

She was publicly bashed across Twitter for her action with many calling her out for her cowardice . 

To put this into context , if Mahershala Ali had identified himself as a Muslim in Pakistan , he would have been jailed for three years under the country’s anti-ahmedi laws . 

Though it’s sad to see the most influential minds in the country disassociating themselves from the actor , it’s heartening to witness today’s youth standing up and forging a path based on justice , common sense and tolerance.

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