SZABIST student makes country proud as his documentary makes it to Cannes

While this country does not offer many film schools , the one’s who get the chance to study this , leave no stone unturned in giving their 100 percent to the course they have chosen. 

SZABIST has bagged the honour of being the alma mater of Oscar winner Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy who was wowed people all over the world with her incredible film making abilities and it seems like SZABIST has another Oscar winner in the making . 

SZABIST student Shahrukh Khan’s short documentary What a Waste has been selected for the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival 2017. The story is set in a close knit neighbourhood of jewellery market of Sadder in Karachi where it follows the lives of gold panners. The documentary was made as a final course requirement for a final year course titled Documentary Vision. The story unravels an ancient profession that is preserved and passed down from generation to generation in a growing urban landscape.

He shared his father told him about the gold-panners and he followed them around for five months in different areas of Karachi, including Korangi. “We had our documentary vision course last semester and I submitted a draft of the documentary. But I continued to work on it until this February so I could send it Cannes.’

Shahrukh is said to have been inspired from British documentary film maker Asif Kapadja , Wong Kar Wai and Christiopher Nolan. 

 While this young artist has bagged the prestigious honour of having his movie selected , he is not sure whether he will get the chance to attend the festival.

 “I can’t afford to, but I will have to look for any sponsorship. If I get a chance to go, I will.”

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