Usama Aziz’s Robotic Waiter . . a pizza restaurant in Multan has left it’s customers in awe by being the first restaurant to have a robot as a waiter . This robot can greet customers , take their orders , serve them meals and we have Usama Aziz , an electrical engineering graduate from NUST to thank for it.

Like all other students , he too fantasized of going Abroad to further broaden his horizons and learn more about robots but decided to stay back on his father’s advice . Today he has proved himself to the entire world by building a robot from scratch , all parts developed right here in Pakistan . The total invention cost him 4 lack rupees and he spent 8 months building it .

Usama plans on upgrading his robot in the future , Once the robot is done with it’s beta testing phase , similar robots will be deployed to it’s Hyderabad branch too . His father and the entire country could not be more proud and we wish to see him achieve even more milestones and success in the future .

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