ARY launches ride hailing app

ARY has launched its own ride hailing application called Sahulat say Chalo which is going to give tough competition to the two already existing similar companies Uber and Careem.
The ARY SSC service is currently only available in Karachi and promises to get users rides within minutes.  They also pride themselves on being the only Made In Pakistan ride hailing service.
This newly launched venture is a part of ARY’s “Be an Entrepreneur” program.
Rides can be booked using a smartphone app as well as visiting a kiosk in any Sahulat Bazaar.
Once a ride has been booked, the system matches the customer with an executive (driver) along with details of the executive on the app screen.
ARY SSC has also introduced some new features which show how the company is pulling out all stops to ensure that the service is here to stay.
No peak, off-peak or surge pricing.
Rates are comparable to Careem and Uber for both rickshaws and cars.
Ability to pause a ride if the driver is refueling or changing a flat tire.
Emergency Button in the app for immediate protection from any sort of issue.
All users become ARY E-Sahulat Members after signing up for ARY SSC, allowing for additional discounts.

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