Badshah Khan wins Pro Wrestling event

Pakistan’s Badshah Khan Pehalwan became crowned champion of the Pro Wrestling Entertainment event after winning the Royal Rumble held at Liaqat Gymnasium, Pakistan Sports Complex on late Sunday night.
The main attraction of the night was Royal Rumble in which all the wrestlers were involved. Pakistan’s Badshah Khan Pehalwan entered the ring at number 4 and remained till the end. He fought gallantly and sent his opponents packing off the ring and was declared undisputed king of the ring. As soon as Badshah raised his hands after victory, the entire venue erupted with slogans in favour of Badshah and Pakistan.
Earlier, the first contest was held between Tango Tim and Yacine Osman in which the latter outclassed Tim with wonderful skills and technique. In the second match, Adam Flex Maxted/Xtreme Fury outplayed Aaron Rammy/Bernard Vandamn after a tough fight. Female wrestler Betty Trash defeated Angles Bombita after some superb display of wrestling. The crowd especially the ladies and kids gave standing ovation to female fighters.
In the last team event, Tiny was enjoying tremendous crowd support, as he was highly friendly with the masses and let almost everyone to have a picture with him. When his partner Badshah Khan Pehalwan entered the ring in national flag dress, the crowd started raising slogans in favour of Badsah Khan and Pakistan. The pair of Badshah and Tiny exhibited tremendous wrestling skills and overwhelmed their opponents Carleto/Overman, but surprisingly, the referee awarded the fight to Carleto/Overman as Badshah committed a foul.
The international wrestlers spell bounded the audience with their breathtaking performances. Bombay Killer, Badshah Khan and Tiny Iron won the male team fights, while Betty Trash won the ladies fight. The stadium was decorated with bungling and beautiful colour lights.
Later, the wrestlers thanked the crowd, sponsors and all those, who provided them extra care and superb hospitality. The wrestlers also visited Faisal Mosque, Pir Sohawa, Daman-e-Koh and fully praised the beauty of the capital.
A total of 26 wrestlers from 20 countries displayed their wrestling skills during the Pakistan tour. They first clashed at Karachi, then Lahore and lastly, they fought in Islamabad. It was for the very first time in the history of Pakistan that international wrestlers including four females were in action on Pakistani soil. The organisers set up 30×30 frame and 20 feet wrestling ring in the middle of the gymnasium, while five large screens were also installed inside the venue, while two giant screens were installed outside the main entrance and nine walkthrough gates were also installed at main gates. One gate was allocated for VVIPS and two for masses, while free car parking arrangements were also made.
Pro Wrestling Entertainment Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Syed Asim Ali Shah had promised to start the fights at 6pm, but he failed to fulfill his promise, as the fights were finally started at 9:30pm and that too after the youngsters started chanting “Go Nawaz Go” slogans. The situation was fast turning ugly as there were hardly reasonable security arrangements. The organisers failed to ensure discipline and started the fights after a wait of almost three hours.
It was festivity all around as the fans gathered in numbers. The Liaqat Gymnasium had capacity of 10,000 spectators, but around 4000 to 5000 reached the venue. The organisers gave passes in bulks to not only their near and dear ones, but also to the PSB employees. Acting DG, DDGs and others also enjoyed liberty and invited near and dear ones. The PSB charged the organisers hefty amount, besides security and electricity were also the organisers’ responsibility, but the PSB never bothered to lend helping hand and it was clearly evident that not only officers, but low-grade employees also took full benefit.

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