Hearings started by Supreme Court to decide Nawaz Sharif’s future in the country

Nawaz Sharif is currently contesting a corruption report blaming him and his family of money laundering charges. The Supreme Court is expected to put him on trial for corruption charges after JIT submitted a detailed report providing evidence for these charges.

The report alleged that the wealth that has been accumulated by the family is way beyond their means and that Maryam Nawaz submitted forged documents to mislead them about the ownership of their flat in London.
Sharif has been standing his ground, ignoring demands of resignation by the opposition. He has also warned the public that if he resigns, the country would fall into destabilization and economic peril.
“It hurts that despite our hard work, attempts are afoot once again to push the country back,” Sharif told a meeting of his ruling PML-N parliamentary party over the weekend.
Sharif has also claimed that this all is a conspiracy against him, with his allies blaming the military and judiciary as masterminds behind this alleged conspiracy.
Sharif’s legal team and the opposition will be given a chance to contest the JIT findings and Sharif is also expected to be summoned to appear before the court in coming days or weeks.

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