Honoring the unappreciated ‘Walls of peace’

Appreciation for the people who protect and serve the country is common among the society. Military, fire squadrons, police dedicate their lives to protect your. Some don’t survive by end of the day in the line of the duty.

Nevertheless, do you show the same gratitude towards journalists? Photojournalists, journalists and field reporters habitually put their lives in jeopardy to inform and educate about the corrupt society, keeping minds informed from the daily events and news.

‘I Am Karachi’, launched a series on World Press Freedom Day earlier yesterday, under its ‘Walls of Peace initiative’, to credit the work of journalists who died in the line of duty.
In the series, first war correspondent and first TV presenter of Pakistan, will be painted on the walls of the Karachi Press Club (KPC).

This way the walls of the city will be kept clean from un-authorised advertisements and hate speeches. Residents are also requested to take initiative in order to help keep the walls tidy, stated by the organizers.

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