Murderer of 8 year old boy put on remand

A suspect who allegedly murdered an 8 year old boy resisting his sexual harassment has been remanded by a judge.
Steel Town police presented the suspect, identified as Tasawur Abbas, who was believed to be an employee of the Pakistan Steel Mills, before a District Malir judicial magistrate for sought of his remand for investigation into the murder of the child.

The child’s body was found in a garbage dumping ground full of stab wounds after two days of being reported missing.

According to the family, the child had gone out of his residence in Phase II of the same area to see the Independence Day celebratory rallies on August 14 and did not come back.
Police told the judge that a suspect was arrested on suspicion after a bloodstain was found on his slippers and later during the initial interrogation he confessed to killing the child. The suspect had taken the child with him with the intention of subjecting him to sexual assault.

The judge sent the suspect in police custody on physical remand for seven days and sought a progress report from the investigation officer on the next hearing

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