Pepsi to come back with Battle of the Bands 2

Back in the days when the world did not get introduced to Coke Studio, we had Pepsi’s Battle of the Bands. The first season of this highly popular show was won by a band we today know as Aaroh. This amazing show also introduced us to Fawad Khan’s band called Entity Paradigm.
The reason behind reviving this addictive show is to breathe life into the dying band culture in Pakistan.
One hopes that the show will bring a revival in the dying trend of bands in Pakistan and the producer of the second season of this show is fully in support of this idea.
“The audience will decide but it’s a big step towards doing that. The show originally supported band culture and encouraged new music and unknown faces. A lot of big stars today came from there. At that time, there wasn’t a lot of band culture and there’s a far stronger one now,” said Fasil Rafi, producer of the show. “So, there will be a more intense variety of bands in the show this time. Technology and quality have improved. The internet has connected musicians from everywhere. Therefore, it’s going to be an advanced version of the previous Battle of the Bands and a first step towards getting the band culture back.”
The show is being supported by music streaming startup Patari which will help this show find the raw talent it needs.
Furthermore, the show is going to judged by a group of the most amazing musical talents in the country; Atif Aslam, Meesha Shafi, and Fawad Khan.

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