The Disturbing Trend

What are we not aware of and why are we not aware of it? There is a rage which has attained power.

The word “Agnotology” which means the culturally induced ignorance that is circulation or printing of a deceptive scientific information/statistics.
The term was created by Sandford University Robert N. Proctor, who explained it as lack of culturally setup idiocy, constructed by influential groups to fabricate misconception and overpower the truth from the society.

Tobacco industry is possibly the best example of Agnotology, since it professes for a long time that the confirmation that smoking cigarette is the root of cancer, “not yet in”. As we all know now, it was a white lie due to the fact that it’s now scientifically proven smoking cigarettes causes heart failure, cancer and lung diseases.

Media is providing the society with unauthentic news, for instance false news reports caused Pakistan to release nuclear warning to Israel- The Guardian
Many misuse of the security framework can never again be permitted. Significant to our way of living is the belief that when data which legitimately has a place with the general population is methodically suppress by dominant figures. However public end up uninformed of their own affairs. Skeptical of the individuals who oversee them and in the long run unequipped for deciding their own particular fates.

Furthermore we are living in an era of deception, and it is of significant importance in the past it took intense individuals, tycoons or real companies, to produce huge levels of uncertainty; now, with online networking, anybody can give counter-authentic data to make question.

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