This creepy selfie app will let you bring the dead back to life

A South Korean company is now developing an app that would allow users to create virtual avatars of their friends, relative or even strangers. But what’s more creepy is that the app also lets users take selfies with these avatars and talk to them when their relatives or friends are away or dead.


‘With Me’ app, showcased at this year’s Mobile World Conference event taking place in Barcelona, uses 3-D technology and Artificial Intelligence to create realistic avatars of people allowing users to have conversations with them.

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The avatars have also been designed to react to certain emotions displayed by the users so if you pucker up, the avatar will turn to the side and pretend to kiss you or if you were to open your mouth in disbelief, the avatar would do the same.


Speaking to Vocativ, Elrois spokesperson, Eunjin Lim said, “Users put personal information when starting this app, the avatars remember the user from that time and recognises if there’s some change in appearance and emotion, and mentions it, such as ‘you look younger today, what is your secret?’”

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Talking to the dead might sound creepy for some users, however, developers of the app say that it is targeted towards people who have had a loss in their family. “We think the avatars can be the new way to overcome their wounded-heart with a good function of new technology. That also means it can be definitely be used for various healthcare fields,” Lim says.

However, the app is in its early stages of development and requires people to visit a 3-D scanning photo booth to create their avatars though its developers hope to see it become more accessible once smartphone manufacturer start including 3-D scanning technology in their devices.

This article originally appeared on Vocativ

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